Exclusive Big Dish Provider


Rainier Satellite LLC U.S. Based Company
Is Proud to announce Big Dish Satellite TV is Back in Ultimate HD!

Requirements for our PowerVu Full Arc platform:

* 7.5 foot or larger C band dish. (peaked well)
* Dish mover. Our Mighty Mini mover or a 4DTV.
* PLL LNB on dishes smaller than 10 feet. (recommended)
* Cisco/Rainier D9865 Receiver.
* HD Variety Programming Package.


Instructions on ordering your Cisco/Rainier D9865 receiver and programming.

1) Go to Rainier Satellites Websites webstore.

2) Pick your package and our receiver, click order.

3) Enter your account and credit card information, and your shipping address. (we take major credit cards and paypal for payment)

4) Receiver comes to your door. You hook it up, follow the instructions and enjoy the Rainier Master HD quality programming you ordered. As a plus you have the best FTA receiver for stability etc period out there to scan the arc with and enjoy those extra channels for free.

There are no contracts and commitments with Rainier, you own the equipment. Programming will expire if not renewed when your anniversary date comes around.

We Thank You for your continued interest in Rainier Satellite's Products and Services.

Rainier Satellite Offering the Best HD Quality Period...

To Order equipment and programming.
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