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Get your local area News, Weather, and Sports...

LOCAL CHANNELS and MAJOR NETWORKS FREE for LIFE included with our equipment.
Other Providers Charge up to $35.00 a Month For Your Local Channels.
No more losing channels due to contract disputes or scrambling with our solution.

Been thinking about Rainier? Just do it!

Submitted by Frank from New York.

Take it from a subscriber, the content is great, it offers a excellent selection of programming. I always find something worth watching. New channels keep getting added too, that's always a treat. The receiver works flawless. In fact all the products I purchased from Rainier, including the new Mighty Mini, been working 110%. Rainier is very simple to use, even the wife can work it.

If you have a big dish and been thinking about Rainier Satellite just do it. You'll be more than satisfied with them.

Your Programming Choices
Startup Pak

Get your feet wet for a low monthly price. Grab some great entertainment for the lowest monthly price out there!


View Channel Lineup

$5.99 Per Month
12 month subscription required

Includes BYU TV for college sports action. Get news from Newsy, music from GVTV, lifestyle from Z Living, westerns from Grit, comedy from Laff, and more for this low low price.

Rainier's $5.99 Monthly price is the lowest in the industry.

Variety Paks

Basic Cable at its best! Includes Football, Motorsports and Big Name News channels at no extra cost, unlike other providers.

View Variety Channel Lineup

$31.99 Per Month
12 month subscription required

Includes popular channels like NFL Network, MAV TV, Newsmax, Game Show Network, Ovation, NewsNation, Bloomberg, Z Living, Gone Viral Networks, FETV, The Weather Channel, Ion, Grit, Laff, and more. Startup Pak channels also are included at no extra cost.

If you're looking for more programming content including Sony Premium Movies and Distant Networks grab Variety Xtra for only $38.99 a month.

View Variety Xtra Channel Lineup


Distant Networks Pak

Get the best networks from our neighbors up north. Grab additional sports and more entertainment with the Toronto 4+ Pak. Add this for a low additional cost.

View Channel Lineup

$9.99 Per Month
12 month subscription required

Includes sports, kids shows, and popular network shows seen across North America.

Get these Ala-Carte or add these to our Startup or Variety Pak.


Adult Pak

Get all the spicy adult premium entertainment with not one but two Playboy channels for one low price. Purchase Alone or Add this to your Rainier package for a low additional cost.

View Channel Lineup

$16.99 Per Month
12 month subscription required

Hot entertainment for the mature viewer. This service is now Ala Carte and can be purchased alone, or add these to your Rainier programming package and spice up your life.

All seen in Rainier's Exclusive Ultimate HD!


How Does Rainier Save You Money? Rainier Satellite
$31.99 a month
Other Providers
$130+ a month
NO Equipment Rental Fees
NO Contract Agreements
NO Credit Check
NO Early Termination Fees
NO Taxes on Programming
NO Hidden Contract Fees
NO HD Fees
NO Bill Paying Fees

Your Equipment Choices

Get all the equipment needed here to upgrade your current system, OR start from scratch to receive the Rainier Satellite TV signals.

Satellite Receivers

Dish Movers / Actuators

LNB / Feedhorns

Wire / Switches


OTA Antennas

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Rainier Has Big Dish Install and Repair service available.

Do you need someone to install a new Rainier system? Is your dish in need of repairs? Are you all thumbs working on the big dish? Make it Simple. We have Dealer Referrals available for 48 states. Get up and running fast with Rainier.


Easy Financing Available through PayPal Credit

We know that for some C band equipment can be quite an investment. Rainier has made it easy now for you using PayPal Credit Financing to help manage the costs.

Get a 0% interest rate when you pay off the balance within the first six months.

I purchased a new 4K TV and had one of the small dish services. The HD picture with it looked terrible, blotchy and smeared. I thought I got a bad set? I had the service guy come out he checked it over and told me my problem was the signal from my pay TV service. I called my dish company and had their tech come out. They told me everything was working fine, and then proceeded to turn down my sharpness on the TV. They told me that's all we can do, huh?

Disgusted I looked for someone that could provide me a clear signal for my 4K TV investment, and then ran across Rainier Satellite. I gave them a call and had their big dish system installed. All I can say is WOW! Their picture blew me away. It's so crisp and clear! I can count the blades of grass on the football field, and count the drops of sweat on the player’s faces. I'm sold! Bigger is definitely better. Rainier's Ultimate HD is really the Ultimate!

Jerry Seavers
Green Bay Wisconsin

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Rainier Satellite Programming is not limited to your Home.
Introducing Rainier Satellite Business TV.
Boost your business revenue potential with Rainier Satellite. We know that great television is not limited to your home. Your customers Boost your business revenue potential with Rainier's access to the best programming that television has to offer, at the best possible rates. Own a Sports Bar, Restaurant, etc. Have a 60 inch plus HDTV screen? Tired of the important game going out in the rain? Own a Hotel, Motel, Cruise Ship line, etc. Need programming for your guests? Then Rainier is for you.

More information about Rainier Business TV

Over 200 channels available for your business with Rainier's Business TV Solution.

We're Your Exclusive C Band Television Provider.

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