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Reasons to purchase the Rainier Satellite D9865 Receivers Rainier D9865 FTA Receiver
Receives Subscription TV YES NO
Receives ALL FTA (FreeView) Channels Reliably (No extra receiver needed) YES NO
Commercial Quality - Consumer Friendly YES NO
Full Free Phone Technical Support YES NO
1 Year Warranty with Cisco a name you can trust YES NO
Automatic Firmware Updates Via Satellite YES NO
Modulates Receiver TV signal to multiple rooms YES NO

Rainier Has Big Dish Repair and Install services available.

Do you need someone to install a new Rainier system? Is your dish in need of repairs? Are you all thumbs working on the big dish? Make it Simple. We have Dealer Referrals available for 48 states. Get up and running fast with Rainier.


Easy Financing Available through PayPal Credit

We know that for some C band equipment can be quite an investment. Rainier has made it easy now for you using PayPal Credit Financing to help manage the costs.

Get a 0% interest rate when you pay off the balance within the first six months.

No longer needed are the old clunky 4DTV or analog receivers to move your dish. Rainier Satellite now carries the highly acclaimed Pansat AP-600 mover.

This is the best bug free mover out there to date. Powerful 36 volt high amperage design. Built in overload protection. Actuator re-synchronization feature for easy reset. Parental Lock / Unlock feature. The AP-600 combines perfect with our D9865 receivers for simple dish movement. Grab the Combo to use with our Full Arc Master Broadcast Platform.

You can read the review here

You can order yours here

You also can get the AP-600 in our core electronics package. The core electronics package says goodbye to that problem ridden servo feed with the sticking or burned out servo motors. Electronically switched polarity by the receiver.

Step up to 21st Century Technology Today.

Rainier Satellite Programming is not limited to your Home.
Introducing Rainier Satellite Commercial for Business.
Boost your business revenue potential with Rainier Satellite. We know that great television is not limited to your home. Your customers Boost your business revenue potential with Rainier's access to the best programming that television has to offer, at the best possible rates. Own a Sports Bar, Restaurant, etc. Have a 60 inch plus HDTV screen? Tired of the important game going out in the rain? Own a Hotel, Motel, Cruise Ship line, etc. Need programming for your guests? Then Rainier is for you. Contact our Commercial Department at: for more information.
Canadian Networks Available for Cable Companies and Private Networks with our Commercial Platform.

Rainier Cares About Your Television Needs...
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Were the Future of C Band Television.