ATTENTION! 4DTV's are very old. It's recommended you upgrade to Rainier's Mighty Mini Mover to move your dish.
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How To Set Up A 4DTV Simply as a Dish Mover for the Rainier Full View Arc Service.

NOTE: This MASTER RESET will remove all current channel maps and clean up memory for trouble free use. If those maps are necessary for some other purpose such as other 4DTV subscriptions or more than 20 tile positions usage, DO NOT perform this without consulting your program or map supplier. Rainier Satellite is Not Responsible for lost data or problems that may occur from doing this.

If your 4DTV is performing properly, and you can currently obtain the satellites needed for Rainier's services You can disregard this Master Reset Proceedure.

1) On Remote press Options 6,7,7,8,7 you will need to confirm reset to factory defaults. (unit will reboot)

2) Power On 4DTV, Enter Options 6,4.3 and set your dish east and west limits.

3) Enter Options 6,4,4 to program in satellites tiles and polarity at proper arc positions.

More information found here 4DTV Manual

Once your done all old corrupted map data will be removed and your 4DTV can be used for Vertical or Hoirizontal polarity using channels 1 & 2 for use with the Rainier D9865 receiver. You will have 21-23 satellite tiles (depending on model) for use to move your dish across the arc.