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Joe Abramson, Pittsfield, ME.

Rainier Satellite Reviews

"Rainier has been a breeze to work setting up my C-band dish with. From equipment to subscription programming, they have been great in getting me up and running.

I ordered the Cisco D9865H from them, and I have to tell you, this box is phenomenal! I usually input all the presets and setup procedures myself, but its been a while, so instead I went with the preinstall option in the Rainier Store. I double checked the settings just to make sure they were input correctly (just because I’m like that, haha), and they did a fine job in ensuring everything was enabled and communicating with the birds properly.

I got the Core Electronics Package, which included a Harvard Scientific Feedhorn, NJR LNBs, and an AP-600 dish mover. I had a few questions since it was a while since I setup all this equipment, so I called the Rainier guys and they talked me through it and helped me remember some of the things I had forgotten. I got it all set up and all the equipment works well together, I even checked that the ohms were running at top notch through my coax cables, and all in all, everything is copacetic!

I also got the Lifeline Basic Programming plus the WGN addition, and I have to say the picture is breathtaking! I think I will never go back to cable or the little dish ever again.

All in all, I am going to recommend to all my C-band friends that they need to check these guys out. They’re small right now, but let me tell you they are going places.

Thanks Rainier Satellite for keeping C-band alive and well!"

Dennis Murphy, Deming, NM.

Rainier Satellite Reviews

"Got fed up with what was available in my area, so I decided to go back to C with Rainier. The box was in great condition and was built in the last few years, not like some of the others I’ve seen, I won’t mention them further, trying to be polite is all.

I didn’t get rid of the old cable service, just so that I could do a one to one comparison of the picture. They don’t lie when they say its full HD. The picture is so life like I forgot I was watching my set. I flipped over to the cable and it didn’t take long to get disappointed with it. Now I can say whole heartedly that the cable I get in my area is not 1080p, and at best is sub par 720p, plus the artifacts are terrible using that service.

I set up the box myself with some of the equipment I had available from the last setup. It didn’t take much tinkering to set the Presets and all, so I have to hand it to the Cisco boys for making a fine product. I didn’t have much issues at all, got the basic programming, and it is great! I got a 4k TV over December, so I was really curious to see if this box could do it for me in resolution and it succeeds in everyway! Signals good, setup was good, so I’m good! Thanks Rainier!"

Steve McCully, Fairbanks, AK.

Rainier Satellite Reviews

"Looks great and works great. No complaints from me. I had to get some tech support on a few things, but it all works. Would buy more things from them in the future and would recommend them to anyone. Good Stuff. Check this outfit out if you get the chance to. You won’t be disappointed."

Francis Boudreaux, Vicksburg, MS.

Rainier Satellite Reviews

"Them Rainier people know how to make a feller feel good an welcome. My TV never looked so goshdarn purty in my life. Had some locals setter up for me and they did a mighty fine job. Get setup an y’all will never want nothin else."

Jeremy Tutty, Cape Coral, FL.

Rainier Satellite Reviews

"Great service, customer and otherwise. Would recommend to all."

Charles Abbot, Ludlow, VT.

Rainier Satellite Reviews

"Didn’t think this thing would work here with all these mountains around, but I had a local outfit set it up for me. If you aren’t that technically inclined, definitely go that route. But, once it was done, I couldn’t believe how lousy my last service was. You have to see it to believe it. These guys are 110%!"

Anthony Nelson, Belmont MT.

Rainier Satellite Reviews

"When the 4DTV subscription ended I thought that was it for C band TV. I didn't want to go the little dish or cable route. I live in a remote area and the only way to get TV is through satellite or cable. I heard the news that DirecTV and Dish Network will be shutting down their satellite TV operations in 2020. That ruled them out. Cable around me is problem prone having multiple extended outages from what I’ve seen at my neighbors. I didn’t want to deal with that.

I didn’t know where to turn for my TV viewing. I had this big dish that served me well for many years and it seemed like it was going to be useless from this point on. So looking for a ray of hope, I got on my computer and did some searching and stumbled across Rainier Satellite. I’m surprised that Programming Center, the folks I has my 4DTV with didn’t tell me about Rainier, they said there was no C band programmers left. That left a bad taste in my mouth. After talking with the Rainier folk I decided to upgrade to their system. I ordered the Cisco 9865 HD receiver and their basic subscription package. I was still using the 4DTV as a mover then. After a while and speaking with Rainiers tech folk more, I decided it was time to take the plunge, and upgraded completely to today’s technology. I got their core electronics professional package which includes Pansat mover, Harvard Scientific feedhorn and 2 NJR PLL LNB’s. I’m so glad I did this upgrade, it simplified the operation and brought the reception up on my old 8 foot dish a lot.

I do like the idea that Rainiers D9865 HD receiver does more than just subscription TV. It gets me the FTA channels too, like the 4DTV did years back. They play very well, no signs of shuddering and are solid. I’m glad I didn’t need to spend more to get another receiver for those free channels. That allowed me to spend that money to upgrade my dish electronics.

Rainier's made me very happy. Just now I upgraded my subscription to all their channels, and waiting for more to get up and running so I can get those too. C band is truly great again. Thanks Rainier for working so hard for little guys like me."

Clay Robbins, Summersville, WV.

Rainier Satellite Reviews

"Had the big dish a long time. When the 4DTV shutoff in 2016, I called dish network to get TV. That’s what the programming center told me to do. Never should have listened to them. The first thing that irked me about dish was the installer wanted to cut my big dish wires, I told him no. So glad I didn’t let him. Dish network was a nightmare the thing kept cutting out in the rain, their techs couldn’t fix it. My bill jumped over $100 the second year. The picture was poor. Tried to cancel but dish said I was in a 2 year agreement and wanted extra money to quit them. I felt cornered and wanted the big dish back. Frustrated I looked at the net and found Rainier Satellite. Gave them a call and got their 4DTV upgrade kit. Install went very easy following their instructions. Rainier was fast to answer any questions I had setting it up. Been with them now for 9 months and guess what no cutting out in the rain. Picture is great. I dumped dish network, told them to pound sand. I ended paying dish over $180 to get rid of them but it was worth it. Anyone who’s sick of dish networks rip off games needs to seriously look at Rainier. They're a great alternative. Been very happy with them. I got my c band TV back which is great."

Steven Wahlensford, Spooner, WI.

Rainier Satellite Reviews

"Now that you have NESN, I won't even pretend to want to go back. Great product. Great little company. "

Beth Lundow, Minot, ND.

Rainier Satellite Reviews

"Companies I've dealt with before were never as caring, considerate and as charming as Rainier. "

Daniel Tappington, Lynchburg, VA.

Rainier Satellite Reviews

"Saved me money, and gave my old dish life again. Can't say much more. "

Samuel Doer, Keene, NH.

Rainier Satellite Reviews

"I chose to opt out of the world of high-priced low quality TV, and try something that actual delivers. "

Gloria Reynhard, Columbus, MS.

Rainier Satellite Reviews

"I hated the fact I was getting more channels but less quality. I was hoping that there existed someone like you! "

Kelab Neilson, Jackson, TN.

Rainier Satellite Reviews

"I feel we all need to go back to what worked, so I'm getting my dish running again. "

Marsha Lamuel, Marathon, FL.

Rainier Satellite Reviews

"I'm sure I'm not the only one that has paid up the nose for television that promised HiDef only to get a cheap ripoff. With Rainier, everything is cleaner and clearer. Looking forward to my future using Rainier. "

Avery Soren, Burns, OR.

Rainier Satellite Reviews

"Been a RedSox Fan all my life, but getting the games here, never was realistic, until now. With NESN on Rainier, I can get all of the games I couldn't get before. Very, Very Pleased. "

Jerry Seavers , Green Bay, WI.

Rainier Satellite Reviews

"I purchased a new 4K TV and had one of the small dish services. The HD picture with it looked terrible, blotchy and smeared. I thought I got a bad set? I had the service guy come out he checked it over and told me my problem was the signal from my pay TV service. I called my dish company and had their tech come out. They told me everything was working fine, and then proceeded to turn down my sharpness on the TV. They told me that's all we can do, huh?

Disgusted I looked for someone that could provide me a clear signal for my 4K TV investment, and then ran across Rainier Satellite. I gave them a call and had their big dish system installed. All I can say is WOW! Their picture blew me away. It's so crisp and clear! I can count the blades of grass on the football field, and count the drops of sweat on the player’s faces. I'm sold! Bigger is definitely better. Rainier's Ultimate HD is really the Ultimate! "

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